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  TelehealthLink™ Wednesday, April 23, 2014

  TelehealthLink Systems are advanced remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions which support technology investments and health management, and significantly enhance the ROI.  
  TeleHealthLink™ Features
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
    (SOA) design provides great
    flexibility and scalability to
    adapt with the changing
    telehealth needs

  • The use of broadband
    Internet connections takes
    advantage of the existing
    high-speed network

  • Centralized real-time data
    collection allows to process
    vital signals automatically in
    real-time or near-real-time
    with alert features

  • Web Interface enables
    physicians, caregivers and
    family members to monitor
    patients' health status
    anywhere anytime

  • Communication gateway
    simplifies settings at patient
    site with great potential to
    expand application offers in
    the future

  • Construction of an
    engineering platform for
    medical devices enables
    TelehealthLink to satisfy
    diverse user requirements
    with multi-vendor-device
  TelehealthLink Products are flexible and easy to use, suitable for home health care, nursing homes, hospices, private duty, assisted and independent living, and wellness centers.  
  TelehealthLink Packages allow your organization to monitor health status of patients at home, to extend the continuity of care, to improve patient outcomes, and to match patient need and acuity level.  
  TelehealthLink Services are cost-effective approaches to assist clinicians, care givers and family members for remotely monitoring patient health status while maintaining quality of care and patient satisfaction.  

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